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Get three free months of Clicky Pro. That's a $30 value for FREE!

The premier choice for real time visitor analytics.


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Do you have a web site? Do you get valuable leads from it? Perhaps you pay for advertising once in a while? Maybe more frequently than once in a while?

Well, you should really make sure that you're not losing out on sales or important signups, and now you can do that with Clicky's real time web analytics.

Watch your visitors navigate around your website in real time. See what interests them, what scares them off, and, most importantly, what ultimately leads them to place an order.

Clicky gives you oodles of data, including location, time spent on site, exit page, page view history and so much more. You can even set triggers for different pages, Clicky will play you a custom alert whenever a user hits a targeted page.

Clicky also has iPad and iPhone apps, so you can keep up to date on the go. You can also easily integrate into your CMS installation.

Best of all? They've agreed to give our users a three month free Pro account, a $30 value which allows you to install tracking on up to 10 sites with up to 10,000 total daily page views and includes all of their premium features, including campaign tracking, no ads, data export, long term metrics, split testing, Google search rankings, Twitter keyword monitoring and much, much more.

Key Features

• Spy
• Alerts
• Full HTTPS support
• Goal tracking
• Campaign tracking
• Long term metrics
• Google search rankings
• Better bounce rate
• Sub-user accounts
• Track outbound links
• Track downloads
• Video analytics
• No ads
• Split testing
• Twitter keyword monitoring
• Custom data tracking
• Advanced visitor segmentation
• Organizations
• Email reports
• Engagement reports
• Data export
• More data history
• Big screen mode
• Multiple dashboards

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Trailblazed real-time per-visitor tracking; 5+ years of development; based in Portland, OR.