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4 eBooks bundle on designing, developing, and marketing apps!

Learn how to create successful apps....from expert app designers!


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Why this is a pretty big deal:

Lets face it.

We live everyday with technology.

It is all around us, and never more so than with our iPhones and iPads, and both of those have *hundreds of thousands* of apps. If there was ever a time make a good choice, it is now.

With the purchase of this ebook bundle, you will find it full of great advice for not only experienced, but also beginning designers, taking you through the most important areas to focus on, when designing an application.

How do you know if these are the books for you?

Well, let me give you a quick overview of them:

If you want to learn how to learn any (or all!) of the following, then The "Best Book on Designing iPhone and iPad Apps" is the book for you! Transition your website to a mobile app

Native apps vs. browser-baed web apps

An operating system battle royale (Android vs. iOS)

The Apple Experience

Apple love (why people LOVE Apple products)

iOS Human interface Guidelines

iOS app real estate

iOS app features

The importance of aesthetics and ease of use

The role of color, text and language

Other elements (still graphics, animation and sound)

Getting professional help

Testing your prototype

Drafting your elevator pitch

Choosing a tagline

Generating a web presence

In, "The Best Book on Finding & Developing Your Android App Idea".Bestselling Android App developer Eddie Kim shares his secrets to uncovering and developing a winning Android App.

You will find in this book, social networking and app development: do’s and don’ts.Where and how to hire programmers and developers to help you with your app,How to ensure you create a polished, high-quality application, The best ways to go about conceptualizing an idea for an application,plus *loads* more!

In "The Best Book on Marketing Your Android App" you hear from Eddie Kim, secrets on leveraging markets other than the Android Market to generate publicity, are guided on how to develop your app from scratch to Android Market launch, search and marketing hacks so you outrank your toughest competitors, if you want a list of the most lucrative types of app, along with the pros and cons of each, the secrets for leveraging markets outside the Android Market to generate publicity and tips for writing high-performance code for quick, responsive apps...then *this* is the book you have been looking for!!

Last (but not least!) of all, we have "The Best Book on IOS App Marketing" Experienced developer Mike Amerson shares the tips, tricks and insights that put his app in the Top 25.

This book has a wealth of online resources for tracking app success, considerations of cost before, during and after launch, and steps to creating a successful launch campaign, and all from a master at his craft, a video game developer, who has worn many hats. In his 12-year career, Mike has been a 2D, 3D and lead artist, animator, web developer, project manager, designer, creative director, business development, and marketer. Mike has 10 published video game titles to date, including credits on mega hits such as: Star Wars — Empire at War and Call of Duty — World at War.

These four book hold a wealth of knowledge, just waiting for you to open up, and put to good use!

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We started Hyperink for a simple reason: there is too much knowledge trapped in people's heads, inaccessible to the world. Our mission is to unlock and share that knowledge by working directly with domain experts to publish beautiful, high-quality eBooks. Book publishing needs to go through a lot of change - it should be faster, more personalized, and more democratic. We're going to make that happen.