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The ProductPro System! 33% off!

A 4-step process to creating and releasing highly valuable and financially rewarding information products.


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Do you want to know better how to present and package your message, making it so that people will *want* to pay you high dollars to help them solve their problems??

With the ProductPros you will learn the exact tools and process to record, edit and(successfully) release your product to the world!

You will find out exactly how we market and sell our own products that have *generated millions of dollars* in sales over the past 5 years!

Greg Rollett, Nick Nanton and JW Dicks (collectively known as The ProductPros) have marketed and sold over $1 Billion in products and services for others as well as created their own best selling products including books, software, DVD’s, home study courses, newsletters, membership sites, video courses and more to help their clients get the results they desire in their business.

After going through the product creation cycle countless times themselves, and successfully launching and selling these products, they started getting questions from their clients and customers about how they to could create their own informational products and sell them to their customers.

And, after looking at their own success, and the potential value that products from their client base could have on the world, Nick, Greg and Jack decided it was time to help others create informational products to grow their business! Through the ProductPros System they have opened the door to authors, experts, speakers, Internet Marketers and other industry leaders and professionals to create value driven products that they can sell 24/7 and scale their business to new heights!

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We are so confident in this training and the Framework that we have created we know that you will be able to take the strategies and step-by-step instructions and release a product that you are proud of and that will help people solve their problems in life and in business.